BREEAM certificate for Plac Unii

In Plac Unii over 80 criteria are being considered with aim to reduce building’s impact on both internal and external environment and to improve health & well-being of its users.

On average, green certified buildings such as BREEAM:

  • use 25-50% less energy,
  • produce 70% less solid waste
  • use 40% less water and
  • emit 35% less green house gases

Plac Unii has been awarded the BREEAM certificate with a very good score.

BREEAM is one of the most widely used method of assessing building’s sustainable performance.
Developed by BRE (Building Research Establishment), it is now the most popular environmental certification in Europe.

Tenants Benefits

Green tenancies enhance office comfort and productivity, save money and demonstrate social responsibility of the company.

Lower Cost of Occupancy:

While not only good for the environment, energetic efficiency also translates into significant economic savings for tenants. Average operating costs savings in certified building range from 25-50%.

Improved Productivity and Human Capital Savings:

Green buildings enjoy a higher indoor environmental quality through increased ventilation, better thermal comfort systems and a greater emphasis on features such as natural daylight that promote employee health and well being.
Worker productivity in green buildings was on average of 3-7% greater than in non green buildings. This result in substantial savings, even greater savings than energy cost reductions. 

Responsible Investment:

All signs point to sustainable and green certified buildings being more than just a trend. Leading organizations are choosing to operate in certified buildings to improve productivity, reduce costs, attract staff and increase their competitive advantage.

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